When you leave the hospital, you may need an extended recovery period. This is when you would need another care setting with varying medical intensity based on your conditions. In this condition, our homecare nursing services will help you. Providing skilled nursing care is one of the most important services of the Health and Care Professional Network in Las Vegas. The main goal of this service is to provide you with the best possible treatment process.

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About us

Health & Care Professional Network, LLC, accredited by the Joint Commission, with over 15 years of experience, strives to provide high-quality services in the familiar environment of your place.  You or your loved ones can benefit from a full range of homecare services, therapies, and treatments in accordance with valid guidelines. Our care plan is consistent with the treatment goals and needs of your loved ones. 

We are Honored to be JCAHO Accredited

Why choose us?

Our center offers many benefits to our clients:

  • The patient can receive care services in the comfort of their own place. You can get our services as overnight care, short-term, or one-time care.
  • Staff members meet the State of Nevada educational and training requirements for the services they provide.
  • Our on-call coordinators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Our clients can receive care services under the coverage of Medicare.
  • Our team members are immunized against diseases such as influenza, hepatitis, and communicable illnesses.
  • Our staff will train when they are hired and also receive ongoing training.

What we do

Health & Care Professional Network, LLC offers medical care and non-medical services that are suitable for a range of people. The purpose of providing these services is to:

  • Maintain your health and well-being
  • Improve your safety at your place
  • Prevent of re-hospitalization
  • Prevent of unwanted hospital visits
  • Make changes to prevent further degeneration in health (for example, identifying symptoms that could prevent a medical condition from getting worse)

So, in a nutshell, our home-care professionals are the eyes and ears of doctors at your place.

The Health & Care Professional Network, with more than 15 years of experience in providing home-care services, can provide a list of services based on the needs of your patients to improve the quality of their life.

Health and Care Professionals Network
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HomeAssist Personal Caregiver Services
HomeAssist Personal Caregiver Services
Therapros Out Patient rehab
Therapros Out Patient rehab
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HCPN City Impact clinic
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HCPN adult day care

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Hire Your Nurse Today

    Services that can be done by our skilled nurses

    On the first day of your visit, your nurse will first take a brief description of your condition and make an overall assessment. They also consider the safety of your living environment. Besides, they pay attention to you and your family’s ability to cope with different situations and access emergency help when needed.

    Specific tasks performed by home health nurses include:

    • Monitoring vital signs
    • Giving injections
    • Administering infusion medicines
    • Monitoring tricky drugs such as anticoagulation medications such as Warfarin
    • Wound care management 
    • Treating and helping people who suffer from illnesses like pneumonia

    Your homecare nurses are a very reliable source who can answer your questions. You can talk honestly with your nurse. This will prevent unnecessary hospitalizations because you know what to expect and what warning signs to look out for.

    Advanced skilled nursing

    Wound care management

    We offer Advanced Wound Care to treat a range of conditions, including after an amputation, diabetic ulcers, or surgical wounds that won’t heal. In Biological Wound Care, our approach is to use natural-derived active biomolecules to prevent evaporative water loss, heat loss, and enhance the wound healing process. Besides, our skilled nurses with Smith & Nephew Trained and KCI-Wound Vac Certified are able to work with NPWT devices. This method uses vacuum therapy in the form of a dressing that is placed on chronic or acute wounds. Our skilled nurses deliver a patient-friendly treatment in a discreet, easy to use the system. Our desire is that patients can return to their normal lives without compromising their recovery.

    Diabetes management

    Patients with diabetes can receive specialized care services in the following areas:

    • Providing up-to-date training on in-place glucose monitoring
    • Review the factors involved in glucose instability, such as missing meals, infection, or other illnesses
    • Encouragement of patient to read labels of foods in terms of low glycemic index, higher fiber, and low-fat content 
    • Check the viability of insulin
    • Check the insulin injection site periodically 
    • Paying attention to the type of insulin used, delivery method, and time of administration
    • Education of the patient on how antidiabetic medications work

    Our goal is to provide skilled nursing facilities services to:

    • Increase the patient’s ability to control diabetes better, adhere to the diet, and so on
    • Prevent hospitalization or shortening of hospital stay

    Our nurses will teach you how to use your blood sugar medication correctly. Our skilled nurses also help you recognize the symptoms of too high or low blood sugar and what to do in case of incidence. The importance of exercising and counting carbohydrates is also one of the most important services provided by our experienced nurses.

    Medication management program

    These programs contain a spectrum of patient-centered services that focus on the appropriateness of medication, effectiveness, safety, and adherence to the treatment. Providing these services strengthens not only treatment outcomes but also reduces health care costs. 

    One of the most important responsibilities of a home health nurse is to compare your medication orders with the medications you are taking. It helps to detect any omissions, duplications, dosing errors, or potentially dangerous drug interactions. 

    Pain management 

    Pain is very complex, and depending on the cause of the pain, there are various treatment options to control it, from medications to mind-body techniques. Skilled nurses play a critical role in assessing and managing acute and chronic pain:

    • Facilitating the self-management plan as a coordinator of care.
    • Providing pain management information 
    • Education and improvement of the patient’s functional abilities
    • Use of pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods to prevent, identify and alleviate pain
    • Considering the evidence-based guidelines and defined standards in pain management
    • Implement noninvasive pain management modalities such as massage, ice, heat, positioning, pressure, or vibration

    Pulmonary care

    Nurses of this center are involved in care for patients with respiratory diseases, including pulmonary hypertension, pneumonia, asthma, COPD, tuberculosis, transplantation, respiratory oncology, sleep disorders, and cystic fibrosis. They play a significant role in the care, education, and self-management of patients. They also have specific tasks such as monitoring and ensuring that patients adhere to their therapy. 

    Patient/family health teaching

    Patient and family education helps patients and their families to understand the care better and make informed decisions in the treatment process. Patients with cardiac problems, strokes, and other chronic diseases need to learn about nutrition, rehabilitation, and much more. Providing effective training is one of the most important tasks that can be performed by skilled nurses. 

    Skilled Nurses in Las Vegas

    Incontinence care

    Remember that many patients do not necessarily have incontinence, and incontinence is not a disability. Fortunately, effective treatments and training are available for this annoying problem. Many caregivers feel tired, frustrated, and upset about having to deal with the person’s incontinence. These feelings are normal but not a cause for concern because our skilled nurses will help you. The services provided by nurses are:

    • Choosing the right diet that is high in fiber 
    • Pelvic floor exercises
    • Bladder training
    • Training in good toilet habits

    The best skilled nursing facility in las vegas

    There are many health problems that need particular care in settings outside of the hospital. The range of these problems varies from very serious conditions, including stroke recovery or rehabilitation after a surgery such as open-heart surgery, to important but less critical conditions such as medication management. Most of these problems need medical expertise, but not hospital-level of care where the main goal is to stabilize your health condition. Our experienced staff can provide you with quality in-place nursing care services in the comfort of your own place. As you can see, the nursing facilities in our center are very diverse and extensive.

    How does a Skilled Nursing Facility Work?

    Skilled nursing facilities are medical treatment and rehabilitation facilities with trained professionals. A nurse, a physical therapist, a speech therapist, and an audiologist provide medically necessary services.

    Skilled nursing facilities provide patients with round-the-clock help with healthcare and daily living tasks (ADLs). However, many federal restrictions govern what skilled care facilities may and cannot do.

    Key points:

    • A skilled nursing care facility is an in-patient rehabilitation and therapy institution staffed by certified nurses and other medical personnel.
    • These treatments can be highly expensive, but most skilled nursing facilities are at least partially covered by private health insurance or Medicare or Medicaid.
    • Compared to a more permanent nursing home environment, patients in a skilled nursing facility can be anticipated to remain temporarily.


    Any patient who enters a skilled nursing facility has an initial health evaluation and continuous health assessments to examine physical and mental health, medicines, and the capacity to conduct daily living tasks such as washing and dressing.

    Nursing homes and skilled nursing institutions are prohibited from discriminating against individuals based on race, color, culture, religion, age, gender, and other potential factors. Infringing skilled nursing institutions can be reported to authorities such as the state nursing home licensing bodies.

    For instance, a lady who believes her mother was denied admission to a nursing facility because of her race might report the event to the state’s Department of Public Health. If her mother has no other choice for care, she may approach the institution and try to get her mother accepted. If alternative facilities are similarly nice, she may consider switching.

    Advanced skilled nursing in Las Vegas

    People who need medical attention on a daily basis and don’t want to stay in an assisted living facility or hospital can benefit from advanced skilled nursing. Our team of skilled nurses can provide treatment management, medication reminders, injections, and so many more services. If the advanced skilled nursing service you are looking for is not mentioned on the page, tell us what service you need. Our staff will provide whatever type of help you need. 

    Skilled nursing facility near me

    Health and Care Professional Network is the in-place nursing center you are looking for. We have been providing the best skilled nursing services to the residents for 15+ years now. We will take the best of care of your loved ones in your place of residence and ensure they are healthy and safe. 

    What are the skilled nursing facility services?

    When the patient is getting out of the hospital but still needs advanced assistance, skilled nursing gets involved in aiding them. Skilled nursing facility services are different and wide and often up to the needs of the clients. Managing wounds during the rehabilitation process, watching over the diabetic, medication control and reminding the patients, pain management services, and teaching family or patients are among the services. 

    Remember that Health and Care professional Network is the best-skilled nursing facility service in Las Vegas. 

    The average cost of skilled nursing facility

    The cost of skilled nursing for those suffering from a chronic illness is up to different factors. We evaluate the health conditions and determine the type and level of assistance our clients need. Then the average cost will be declared. However, you can afford it, and it won’t be a pressure on your budget. Also, your insurance might cover part of the expenses, so contact us to provide you with the details. 

    Skilled home-care services you need 

    We did mention the skilled home-care services on this page. Yet, you can ask for your own particular care service program which is adapted to your needs. Teaching about the new requirements and conditions, decreasing and preventing pain, and watching over the medication are among the services that Health hand Care Professional Network provides. 

    What are the top-skilled nursing facilities?

    Health and Care Professional Network is the top skilled nursing facility in Las Vegas that can help you with taking care of your loved ones. We have been providing nursing care services to the residents for 15+ years now.

    Frequently Asked Questions about skilled nursing

    How many times the skilled nurses visit us per week?

    The number of visits per week is up to your health situation and recovery plan. The nurses inform you of the normal sessions. 

    My mom can't take her insulin shots on her own. Can you help with this issue?

    yes, diabetic management is part of skilled nursing services, and we provide whatever help the diabetic needs.

    Are the nurses skilled enough to handle emergencies?

    yes, they are trained well and have enough experience to handle emergencies in your palace of residence.

    What can you offer us with the teaching service?

    The elderly might have health issues that make their situation unique. The skilled nurses provide first-hand experience and recommendations so the seniors can live better and deal with their new situations. The problems might be due to a lack of knowledge. 

    Who might need respiratory therapy in-place?

     it is an option for people who have a chronic illness, are recovering from surgery, or being treated for an infection where hospitalization is not necessary. The services are safe and cost-effective. It prevents further injuries or discomfort moving the patients or the seniors. 


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