Occupational therapy (OT) is a subcategory of health care that aids people of different ages who suffer from cognitive, sensory, or physical problems. OT can help patients recover in different fields of life. Occupational therapy helps you when you have pain from disability, pain, or injury and can not take care of yourself, do daily tasks, move around, or participate in activities.

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About us

Health & Care Professional Network, LLC, accredited by the Joint Commission, with over 15 years of experience, strives to provide high-quality services in the familiar environment of your home.  You or your loved ones can benefit from a full range of home care services, therapies, and treatments in accordance with valid guidelines. Our care plan is consistent with the treatment goals and needs of your loved ones. 

We are Honored to be JCAHO Accredited

Why choose us?

Our center offers many benefits to our clients:

  • The patient can receive care services in the comfort of their own home. You can get our services as overnight care, short-term, or one-time care.
  • Staff members meet the State of Nevada educational and training requirements for the services they provide.
  • Our on-call coordinators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Our clients can receive care services under the coverage of Medicare.
  • Our team members are immunized against diseases such as influenza, hepatitis, and communicable illnesses.
  • Our staff will train when they are hired and also receive ongoing training.


What we do?

Health & Care Professional Network, LLC has been providing a wide and different range of medical and non-medical services to clients. The provided services are to;

  • Increase home safety 
  • Avoid re-hospitalization
  • Decrease the risk of hospitalization
  • Prevent unwanted visits to clinics, health centers or hospitals 

Our skilled nurses or caregivers provide experience and knowledge to make constructive changes. The changes help to avoid or prevent health conditions. We will be the eyes and ears of doctors at your palace of residence. 

Health & Care Professional Network, with more than 15 years of experience in providing home care services, can provide a list of services based on the needs of your patients to improve the quality of their life.

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    What is occupational therapy?

    Occupational therapy is a type of health care. Only this profession aids people across the lifespan in the pursuit of their goals and needs through the use of daily therapeutic activities (occupations). Practitioners of occupational therapy help people to live life to the fullest by promoting health and or living better with injuries, illness, or disability. Occupational therapy includes different branches like pediatric occupational therapy, occupational therapy for adults, etc.

    Occupational therapists help people with:

    • Self-care like getting dressed, eating, etc.
    • Being productive. For example, going to work or school.
    • Leisure and social activities 


    Who is an occupational therapy assistant?

    Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTAs) help people learn, develop, recover, improve and maintain the necessary life skills to live independently and productively. An occupational therapy assistant (OTA)  focuses on purposeful activity with people who are suffering from physical injury or illness. Occupational therapy assistants working place consists of occupational therapists’ offices, in hospitals, and nursing care facilities.


    Services that can be done under our occupational therapy 

    The occupational therapist helps patients to complete their daily activities. The provided services and help are as follows;

    • Evaluate the patient’s health condition
    • Monitor patients performing tasks 
    • Set up a treatment plan for clients
    • Making clear the type of goals and activities to be accomplished. 
    • Assist people with different types of disabilities 
    • Clarify and help complete exercises to reduce or relieve pain 
    • Evaluate patients’ place of residence and redesign it to suit the patient better. 
    • Teach the family members or friends on how to live and assist the patient 
    • Recommend special equipment
    • Note and document activities and progress for evaluation 
    Occupational therapy

    Examples of Occupational Therapy

    There are various activities and exercises in occupational therapy, but their applicability and demands vary from case to case. Specific stories highlight how occupational therapists adapt to preserve and increase patient engagement in everyday activities and duties. The following examples look at various circumstances that therapists may experience.

    Cerebral Palsy in Children

    Because of mobility and coordination impairments, young child with cerebral palsy has difficulty learning to dress themselves. An occupational therapist collaborates with his parents to develop a curriculum to teach the most effective techniques for dressing. Clothing modifications, such as Velcro fasteners or elastic shoelaces, may be employed to modify the activity. The parents are taught practice methods. Specific exercises are carried out throughout the day to assist him in improving his motor abilities. At preschool, the therapist meets with the teacher to discuss the child’s skills and how to modify the classroom environment to improve his functioning.


    An older adult who suffered a minor stroke is depressed and unsure if she can keep living in her apartment. A community occupational therapist examines the woman’s interests and necessary daily tasks and plans her participation in activities in her apartment and the community. She builds confidence and increases her capacity to live freely as she engages in these activities. The therapist also modifies the woman’s kitchen so she can readily and securely access items and prepare her meals.

    Spinal Injury

    A patient suffered a spinal injury and became wheelchair reliant as a result. She became socially isolated since she couldn’t leave her neighborhood and her friends found it challenging to travel with her. She was also concerned about going to public areas she used to frequent, such as bars, restaurants, and shopping malls because she was unsure about operating her electric wheelchair and using accessible restrooms. The occupational therapist works with her and her support workers to investigate public transportation choices, such as tram rides, and to assess diverse locations for accessibility. The OT will educate the support workers on how to evaluate new places they might wish to visit and will practice with them until they are comfortable doing so.

    Mobility Loss in Hand

    A person who has lost some hand and finger function. The occupational therapist will work with them to reclaim these functions, usually through exercises. These exercises are designed not just to assist the patient in regaining strength, in addition to retrain their brain to do them correctly. This can also be beneficial if the patient has neurological problems. Their bodies will develop new methods of “knowing” how to accomplish specific moves.

    Do you need modern wound care management?

    The Modern Wound Care Management program provides new and innovative techniques to heal bad and serious wounds. The focus is to help patients to be comfortable in their place of residence with the new provided care and techniques. The caregivers share new information on how to better care and explain the benefits of new techniques if you want. 


    Wound care specialist types

    A wound specialist is specialized in taking care, detecting, and treating non-healing and chronic wounds. The types of wounds he/she deals with are:



    They are cuts from burns, animal bites, or surgical procedures


    Chronic ones

    These groups of wounds are pressure sores and diabetic ulcers.

    The people who work in the wound care management program take on different roles. They vary by the patient’s health conditions and needs:


    Skilled nurses or in-home caregivers 

    Analyze the situation and decide on the best treatment plan. They clean, treat and dress the wounds so the patients feel less pain and trouble getting to the clinic. Also, educating patients and the family is another essential task. 


    Physical Therapists

    Patients who need more intense therapy activities such as whirlpool therapy or compression therapy can receive help from a physical therapist.

    If you are wondering why you need a Wound care specialist, the reasons are as follows that specialists:

    • Recommend the best type of treatment, location, and extent for the wounds. 
    • Know if the wound will heal naturally, or more intense therapies are required. 
    • Have the most effective and treatment methods can speed up the healing process. 
    • Knowledge of different people in their teams improves healing and quality of life for the patient.


    Wound care center near me

    Health and Care Professional Network is your option when you search for the “wound care center near me”. We have provided the best in-home care services and wound care management to the residents for 15+ years now. We can also provide a wound care nurse to you and your loved ones if you are in need of help. Recommending the best healing technique, a schedule on the necessary things to complete is part of the provided services. However, part of the healing process is the wound care specialist’s responsibility. 


    Wound care experts Las Vegas

    Health and Care professional Network has the best wound care experts in Las Vegas. Our wound care specialists are trained well and have extensive knowledge of dealing with different types of wounds. If your loved one’s wounds don’t heal within two weeks or the process of healing lasts more than six weeks, call our wound carers right away. The signs and symptoms you need to be aware of and are warning mentioned above. 


    Diabetic wound care

    Diabetes can affect your body’s ability to heal wounds. The level of your blood sugar is the main factor that determines how quickly your wounds will heal. The high levels of sugar prevent oxygen and nutrients from providing energy to cells. Your immune system can not work properly, and inflammation in body cells will increase. 

    If the wounds are not taken care of and healed, they can lead to an infection or more severe complications. Amputation is the most serious concern. Diabetics are 15 times more likely to experience amputation due to ulcers or wounds, according to Healthline. 

    The caregivers provide the monitoring and treatment process for the diabetic need in their place of residence. They help with reducing pain and mobility conditions. They also educate families on the things to do and not to do. The seniors considerably need more help and support as they can not live or complete tasks on their own. Health and Care also provides wound care treatment options to speed up the healing process.


    Home health occupational therapy

    Home health Occupational Therapy (OT) can help patients with a wide range of daily activities. The program enables patients to rehab in their place of residence where they find it most comfortable. It can increase the self-esteem of seniors in life by completing personal tasks. Most of the elderly suffer from isolation and being lonely. OT boosts social interaction and promotes a better mood. Being lonely could cause stress. Occupational therapists can be a stress reliever as well. 

    Aging causes the elderly to lose muscle mass and strength. It’s due to the natural process of aging. The muscle mass is replaced by fat and fibrous tissue that leads to marbles like muscles. Occupational therapy helps seniors regain their strengths through rehabilitation practices. The prominent benefits are that OT can help the elderly to adapt to the changes in new life. 

    In-home occupational therapy near me

    Health and Care Professional Network has provided In-home occupational therapy in Las Vegas since 2006. We have hired trained therapists to address the disabled in Nevada province to the best. Occupational therapy comes in a wide and different range of services that improve the daily life of our clients. 

    Frequently Asked Questions about Occupational Therapy

    Can the therapist help to change the house design to help my elderly father?

    Yes, part of the provided services is experience and knowledge on making the house comfortable and safe for the patients.

    Can occupational therapy help children?

    Yes, It can help the children to get better in skills they have problems with, for instance, handwriting. The therapist helps with the following skills; Body & Spatial Awareness, Laterality, Directionality, Visual Perception, Visual-Motor, Integration, Postural Stability, In-Hand Manipulation, etc. 

    What should I expect during my first occupational therapy session?

    The therapist will evaluate your situation and check your symptoms; physical, cognitive, emotional. It provides information on what the patient needs and the goals of the therapy program. The therapist begins the treatment plan, education, and targeted rehabilitation exercises and strategies to get you back to the activities that matter most. 

    Does my insurance cover the occupational therapy services?

    The answer depends on your insurance and the cause of your situation. It's different for accidents, occupational injuries, etc. Contact us for further details.  

    I don't know whether occupational therapy or physical therapy is appropriate for me. Wha shall I do?

    Physical therapy and occupational therapy overlap in services, and you have the right to get confused. Contact us and explain your situation in detail to inform you which one you need. 

    Occupational therapist near me

    If you need Occupational therapist services in the Nevada state and Las Vegas, contact Health and Care Professional Network. We provide every service you need to take care of the disabled or the elderly. Our therapists help them to increase their quality of life and live healthily. 

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