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What is medical social work?

When you have discovered your loved one has a potentially life-threatening illness, a million thoughts race through your mind: What’s going to happen? How serious is this disease? How can my family afford treatment? What do I tell his/her?  In such overwhelming times, families need professional help to control their emotions and use the complex medical system properly. That is where medical social workers can step in as advocates for families and patients. 

Medical social services provide services to patients and their families to alleviate the psychological, financial, and social hardships caused by health conditions. Their main goal is to provide services that help patients achieve a healthy lifestyle and prevent complications.


What are medical social services? 

Some of the basic duties of a medical social worker in the Health and Care Professional network are:

  • Locating social resources that help the patient accelerate the recovery process 
  • Education of patients and their families about community assistance programs
  • Finding community assistance programs
  • Health insurance coverage
  • If the patient’s condition is complex and needs coordination between different services, the medical social worker can act as a patient’s case manager. 
  • Paying attention to caregiving services, medical equipment, transportation, meals, and counseling needs 
  • Follow-up visits to assure that patients are adhering to their care plans

What is a welfare check by social services?

The vulnerable children might need checks on wellbeing, which gets called welfare checks. Social services carry out the checks by family request when an agreement is reached between the center and them. The staff will get to the child at his/her address to perform the welfare check.


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    For how many days a week can you provide a skilled nurse?

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