LifeFone in Las Vegas

What is LifeFone?

LifeFone is a medical alert system for the elderly or people who need help. Such people are often alone or might need emergency services. The health care services use LifeFone to monitor patients and help them if necessary. 

If the elderly stay at home alone, you can or a health care center can get notified on emergencies by the LifeFone. The center can check seniors or people who need care and ensure they are doing fine. 

How do LifeFone medical alert systems work?

The user can activate the LifeFone by pressing the emergency help button on a wearable pendant or wristband. Pressing the button, the LifeFone monitoring center will be notified. The center gets in touch with the client or patient to find out what the emergency is about. If they can not reach the client, they send emergency services to the place of residence.  

The care center is also available to provide 24/7 non-emergency services as well. They can contact family members or relatives and inform them to provide the most suitable care. 

How does lifefone medical alert work?

You could wear the Lifefone on your pendant or wristband. When pressing the button, a signal is sent to the base unit in your home and the chosen monitoring station. The service is equipped with GPS. It locates your location in terms of emergency being away from home. The monitoring station will know where you are and help. It will summon help for your emergency automatically. 


Why do you need a Lifefone at home? 

Lifefone is helpful for the elderly or those suffering health conditions and in need of emergency help. You ask for help automatically by pressing a button, and the GPS helps to find your location. It’s a user-friendly system, and there is no need for special training in working with it.


Lifefone manual to know how does it work

You can receive the lifefone manual and the instructions from their website. It’s a comprehensive manual and provides all the information you need. However, our staff will guide you and tell you whatever you need to do to work with lifefone. 


Lifefone fall detection feature for the elderly 

The user can send an urgent call for help to around a clock monitoring center by pressing the button. The trained operators can often speak with the client and ask for details of the emergency. They can contact the right emergency service or caregiver to help the client immediately. In case the elderly or client doesn’t respond, the operator can contact the emergency and send them to the client’s location. You could benefit from the lifefone personal response services as well. 


Lifefone vs. medical Guardian, which one should you pick?

Medical Guardian is another medical alert system in the market. Lifefone covers a 1,300-foot range for At-Home Systems and has a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is no time commitment with lifefone as well. You won’t have to pay any activation and equipment fees. 

Medical Guardian also provides free activation on all products. There is no long-term contact with it.  


Lifefone vs lifestation, which one is better?

The costs for lifefone and lifestation medical alert systems are different by your conditions. You can contact us and ask for details on the expenses. There is no activation fee for both services. Both systems are water-resistant. Clients can contact the station through Landline or Cellular. Lifefone range is 13.000 feet, but lifesation is only 500. Also, both services contain GPS locators.

LifeFone in Las Vegas 

In case you have a family member who is alone at home, LifeFone can notify you of emergencies. Health and Care Professional Network can monitor loved ones and provide immediate help if required. We can send the emergency or get to the relative ourselves. 

We have provided in-home care services to Las Vegas residents for 15+ years now. LifeFone is only one of them. 

Give us a call at (702) 871-9917 to know more about the service and find out how you could save your elderly from emergencies.

You can get information about other Home Health services.


  1. Morgan says:

    I appreciate your hard work taking care of the disabled and the elderly.

  2. Theo says:

    Health and Care trained me well how to use lifefone medical alert and I get help from them whenever my mother needs help.


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