Hiring a caregiver for family members like parents can be a difficult decision, but in many cases, it is the right decision. The Health & Care Professional Network, LLC, provides certified caregivers who can help you effectively care for your loved ones.

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About us

Health & Care Professional Network, LLC, accredited by the Joint Commission, with over 15 years of experience, strives to provide high-quality services in the familiar environment of your home.  You or your loved ones can benefit from a full range of home care services, therapies, and treatments in accordance with valid guidelines. Our care plan is consistent with the treatment goals and needs of your loved ones. 

We are Honored to be JCAHO Accredited

Why choose us?

Our center offers many benefits to our clients:

  • The patient can receive care services in the comfort of their own home. You can get our services as overnight care, short-term, or one-time care.
  • Staff members meet the State of Nevada educational and training requirements for the services they provide.
  • Our on-call coordinators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Our clients can receive care services under the coverage of Medicare.
  • Our team members are immunized against diseases such as influenza, hepatitis, and communicable illnesses.
  • Our staff will train when they are hired and also receive ongoing training.

What we do

Health & Care Professional Network, LLC offers medical care and non-medical services that are suitable for a range of people. The purpose of providing these services is to:

  • Maintain your health and well-being
  • Improve your safety at home
  • Prevent of re-hospitalization
  • Prevent of unwanted hospital visits
  • Make changes to prevent further degeneration in health (for example, identifying symptoms that could prevent a medical condition from getting worse)

So, in a nutshell, home health professionals are the eyes and ears of doctors at your home.

The Health & Care Professional Network, with more than 15 years of experience in providing home care services, can provide a list of services based on the needs of your patients to improve the quality of their life.

Home health aide 

Certified home health aides help patients, seniors, and the disabled to have a better life and deal with their new situations. People need assistance in daily activities and have difficulty doing tasks. The caregiver can help to a great extent and make life easier for them. Some of the seniors have trouble with nutrition. Caregivers can prepare the appropriate meal for them and help them to eat. 

Being lonely and isolated can cause obesity, premature death, and physical inactivity. The other studies indicate that isolation can cause the following health conditions among the seniors;

  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Obesity
  • A weakened immune system
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Cognitive decline
  • Alzheimer’s disease

The caregivers can accompany the patient or seniors. They provide whatever experience or knowledge they have to increase the clients’ life quality. 

Memory issues and forgetfulness become quite common by aging. The caregiver can help with the mind-memory cognitive exercise to improve your brain function and develop effective habits.

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    What are the types of caregivers?

    There are so many different types of caregivers. They differ in their education, level of knowledge, their experience, and their defined responsibilities. Here is a list of various kinds of caregivers: 

    • Family Caregiver
    • Professional Caregiver
    • Assisted Living Community
    • Skilled Nursing Facility
    • Independent Caregiver
    • Private Duty Caregiver
    • Volunteer Caregiver


    Services that our certified caregiver can do

    Home health aide or caregiver services is appropriate for people who suffer from:

    In general, services given by caregiving agencies include basic services such as the following:

    • Administering medications
    • Assistance in daily activities
    • Changing bandages
    • Checking vital signs like temperature, pulse, and respiration rates


    Although these individuals work independently, their performance is monitored under the supervision of a registered nurse.


    What is the Difference Between a Caregiver and a Nurse?

    Most people don’t consider the distinctions between a nurse and a caregiver, but it’s a distinction that can help you receive your loved one the care they need.


    Nurses are qualified to provide expert care. These expert care can vary, such as feeding patients through tubes, performing injections, IV therapy, medication administration, and so on. If your patient or loved one needs specialized care, you will almost certainly require the presence of a nurse.

    Nurses often spend only a few hours each week in the house. However, nurses are often in charge of carrying out particular orders given by a doctor. Nurses also utilize assessment skills to assist and track a patient’s recovery after a major illness or accident.

    Nurses must meet stringent educational standards. Nursing degrees are classified into three types: 

    • LPN: Licensed Practical Nurse 
    • ADN: Associate Degree in Nursing 
    • BSN: Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing 


    Nurses begin as LPNs and progress to BSNs. Each of these sorts of nurses requires various qualifications and coursework.


    Caregivers, in contrast, are there to assist their clients with everyday duties in addition to providing companionship. They do not provide medical services. Caregivers, on the other hand, have a personal touch. They form deep bonds with individuals in their care as they assist with the day-to-day requirements that a senior may no longer be able to handle on their own. For example, a caregiver can aid elders who would otherwise be unable to continue living on their own by bathing, food shopping, or even preparing their meals.

    The specialist you require for your loved ones will be determined by their specific demands and circumstances. For example, a senior may require both a nurse and a carer each week, or only one.


    Assistance in daily activities

    These services support the patients in performing regular personal activities such as:

    • Bathing and dressing
    • Meal preparation
    • Medication assistance
    • Light housekeeping such as cleaning, gardening, shopping, and attending personal appointments



    Nutrition is one of the essential factors in long-lasting health, particularly in the elderly. Many of them face daily challenges in preparing balanced and healthy meals. Improper nutrition weakens the immune system of the elderly and makes them more susceptible to infection. Their bones and muscles may also weaken due to inappropriate nutrition. Bone loss is also associated with an increased risk of fall and fracture in them. Professional in-home care providers can support the elderly in having a proper diet and adhering to it. Among the activities offered in the field of nutrition, the following can be mentioned:

    • Grocery shopping
    • Meal preparation
    • Feeding and special diet maintenance
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    The main purpose of companion and socialization services is to make a strong relationship with our clients to improve their life and eliminate the sense of isolation. We can offer different services based on your needs and interests:

    • Walking and exercise
    • Reminders of medications and events such as birthday and so on
    • Pet and plant care
    • Meal planning and preparation
    • Transportation
    • And many more personalized services

    Mind-memory cognitive exercise

    As you get older, physiological changes occur in the brain that causes forgetfulness. For example, you may forget where you put your glasses or car key. If you have normal age-related memory loss, you can do some exercises to strengthen your brain function and develop effective habits in yourself. Our in-home caregivers will help you do the following:

    • Mental workouts
    • Planning a brain-boosting diet
    • Preventing wandering and unsafe behaviors
    • Establishing a comfortable daily routine
    • Medication reminders
    • Encouraging the maintenance of memories

    Full time caregiver cost

    Paying for a home caregiver is difficult for some clients, especially if they are not covered by insurance. You should note that Medicare partially covers costs associated with home health aide services. This benefit is only for patients who cannot leave the house without assistance. Services such as daily activities such as bathing and dressing are covered by this insurance if the doctor has ordered it as part of a plan of care. There is no coverage for full-time home care or homemaker services if that is the only help you need. If you do not have insurance coverage, you can use government assistance to pay for the costs.

    Certified caregiver: Caregiver requirements in Nevada

    Some caregivers can provide very useful services because of the training they have received. This training varies from state to state. In Nevada, for example, caregivers need 8 hours of training to be able to provide some services such as Companion / Homemaker, Personal Care.

    This question may come to your mind: Does a caregiver need to be certified? Caregiver certification is important for two reasons:

    Having a certificate not only shows that the caregiver has participated in the necessary training courses but also has passed the certification exam. In addition, the caregiver must take regular education courses in order to maintain this degree. Therefore, it shows that the caregiver has suitable and up-to-date knowledge. Also, caregiver certification is required for services that qualify for Medicare payments.

    Caregiver agencies in Las Vegas Nevada

    If you live in Las Vegas and need professional help to care for your loved one, you can contact our consultants at Health & Care Professional Network, LLC, and benefit from our free consultation. We offer a comprehensive care plan based on your needs. Our caregivers have enough experience, knowledge, and skills to provide quality care services to your loved ones.

    Caregiver services in Las Vegas

    Health and Care professional Network provides different types of caregiver services in Las Vegas. The services are up to your loved ones’ health conditions and needs. As explained, you can receive the services covered by Medicare as well. The on-call arrangements are available 24 hours per day and seven days of the week. 

    We improve your safety and health at home and will be the doctor’s eyes to take the best care of you in your place of residence. The care we provide prevents unwanted visits to hospitals and stops health issues from getting worse. 


    At-home caregiving, is it beneficial?

    The elderly and family members dealing with health issues might prefer to stay at their own place of residence. The familiar atmosphere helps them feel relaxed and calm and increases the treatment process. They could also be in need of assistance with daily tasks and activities and the new conditions due to health problems. At-home caregiving is the option to assist them at their home, monitor their conditions, and prevent unnecessary visits to the hospital. 


    What is the caregiver for parents’ benefits? 

    Parents are the largest group who might need help during old age. The health conditions that appear in this period could make daily living difficult for them. On the other hand, they might not be able to live in care facilities and prefer to stay in their own home. Caregiver for parents is a wise option to help them stay safe at home and keep their independence to a large extent. 

    Caregivers assist the seniors with a large range of activities that parents will find caregivers practical and helpful. Families highly appreciate the services. 


    The best caregiver company near me 

    Are you looking for a caregiver company in Las Vegas? The Health and Care Professional Network is at your service. We have provided the best of in-home care services to the residents for 15+ years now. 


    Private in-home caregivers for your loved ones 

    Health and Care Professional Network is the caregiver company you need with private in-home caregiver services. The type and range of services are so different that they will satisfy your needs to the best level. Looking after loved ones can be tedious, and you want someone passionate who takes care of them in the best way. They are well trained and have good experience assisting your loved ones. 


    24-hour caregiver for the elderly and the disabled 

    If you need a 24-hour caregiver for your family members, Health and Care Profession Network is ready to help you. There could be serious health issues with the elderly, the disabled, or those suffering from a chronic illness. Our nurses understand the seriousness of the problem and are available for your loved ones. 

    We provide you a detailed plan of the assistance process, and you will ensure that the family members are getting the best of care. 


    Caregiver long term care services

    Are you worried about your family members, particularly the elderly’s health in the long term? There is nothing to worry about as we provide caregiver long-term care services to our clients. Our staff are trained well and know the needs of patients. 

    A few health conditions such as Alzheimer’s might have a long-lasting effect. You would better have information on how to deal with the new situation and what changes to implement in the patients’ lifestyle, diet, home, and daily activities. The caregivers know every detail and provide extensive knowledge.   

    How much does the full-time caregiver cost?

    The full-time caregiver cost is up to your conditions and the level of assistance your family members need. If they suffer from serious health issues and need a higher level of care, the cost could be a bit higher. However, there is nothing to worry about as you will be able to afford the costs. On the other hand, the health and well-being of loved ones are more important than the costs.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Caregiver

    What happens if my caregiver doesn’t show up to the scheduled shift?

    it’s a very rare case, and we do our best planning, so it doesn’t happen. However, in emergencies, our caregiver notifies us, and we send another informed and skilled caregiver.

    How do I know that my seniors can no longer live independently and need help?

    If they have a health condition that prevents doing daily tasks, being lonely has influenced their well-being; when the seniors don’t know how to cope with the new situation, signs of loss of functionality,  they might need caregiver help.

    How much should I pay for the nurses to visit my seniors?

    The answer is up to the elderly’s health condition and the required care and service. If Medicare and Medicaid don’t cover it, the services won’t be very expensive.  

    What type of service do you provide?

    we help the seniors live at home safely and provide a different range of medical or non-medical services such as planning and preparing meals, light housework and laundry, assistance with bathing, showering, dressing and grooming, transportation, running errands, companionship, specialized care for dementia and other chronic conditions, and much more.


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      The caregivers of this center strive to provide proper care services. On the advice of my friend, I called this center to take care of my old father. I can now recommend this center with confidence.

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      I had to move from Las Vegas but my parents needed assistance. I got help from Health & Care Professional Network and my parents are quite satisfied.

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