What is Anodyne Therapy?

The FDA-approved Anodyne Therapy system uses infrared light to boost local blood flow. This device reduces muscle pain and spasm and strengthens blood flow. Infrared energy leads to the release of nitric oxide from the hemoglobin of red blood cells, which in turn vasodilatation and increases blood flow to the site of injury.

  • Remember that no drug is used in the Anodyne Therapy process as well.
  • Physical therapy and anodyne therapy are often used together to achieve the highest results among patients. Anodyne therapy can help patients to sleep or walk better and overcome peripheral neuropathy.
  • When traditional measures are not working, anodyne therapy has been effective in wound healing and speed up the process.
  • Research also supports the effects of anodyne therapy in treating problems such as diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

Who needs Anodyne Therapy

People who suffer from the following problems can consider Anodyne Therapy as a treatment option:

  • Diabetic neuropathy
  • Carpal tunnel/tarsal tunnel
  • Chronic wounds
  • Sprains/strains
  • Chronic pain
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Contractures/frozen shoulder
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Tendonitis

How does Anodyne Therapy work?

Anodyne therapy works with infrared light diodes. The therapists or nurses apply pads to the patient’s skin filled with the pads. The infrared energy enters the skin and warms up the skin. However, the effects of treatment are more than just heating. The red blood cells absorb infrared energy. The process causes red blood cells to let out nitric oxide.

Your body needs nitric oxide, and It’s essential for your health. As nitric oxide is released, the inner muscles of blood vessels get relaxed, and blood flow is strengthened.

Nitric oxide also helps your blood to carry nutrients and oxygen to all parts of your body efficiently and effectively.


Is Anodyne Therapy right for you?

In case your answer to the following questions is yes, Anodyne Therapy could help you:

  • Does the pain prevent you from accomplishing daily tasks?
  • Can you walk as far as you want?
  • Do you prefer painless and non-invasive treatment options?
  • Would you like to decrease using medication for pain management?

You will better consult with your doctor if you have a particular type of disease.

Is Anodyne Therapy FDA Approved?

The FDA approved the Anodyne Therapy System for human use in 1994. This was the first device certified to use infrared LEDs to enhance circulation and reduce pain. Anodyne has maintained its market leadership in evidence-based light treatment solutions for over 20 years.

Even if they have all been approved by the FDA, not all light treatment products are the same. Most light treatment products, unlike Anodyne, have no documented proof that they function. They only depend on testimonies, generic scientific information about light treatment in general, or research done with other people’s products.


Is Anodyne Therapy Proven?

Twenty-five studies published in prestigious medical publications since 1999 demonstrate the pain-relieving advantages of the Anodyne Therapy Systems in approximately 5,000 individuals. Diabetes Care, Practical Pain Management, Age and Aging, and Endocrine Practice are among the medical publications that have published anodyne research. Most of the research on Anodyne and pain alleviation focuses on foot and leg pain, knee pain, and lower back pain.


How Often to Use Anodyne Therapy?

Anodyne sessions are typically 30-45 minutes long, three times weekly for four weeks. This may differ depending on the first clinical examination and the degree of functional impairment of the patient. The problem regions are softly covered with treatment pads.


How Do You Use an Anodyne Machine at Home?

First, apply the Anodyne Therapy pads immediately over the affected region. Then, using an Anodyne attachment device, secure the treatment pads. After that, turn on the system and treat it hands-free for 30 minutes daily.


Anodyne Therapy Patient Safety & Risks of Use

In addition to metal implants, plates, pins, screws, pacemakers, and defibrillators, Anodyne Therapy can be applied to any body area. There is no risk associated with using Anodyne. As opposed to medical lasers, Anodyne Therapy does not require the use of protective eyewear on operators or patients.

Do you need anodyne services?

If you need anodyne services in Las Vegas, Health and Care Professional Network provides you the best one in the area. We have prophesied the best of in-home care services for 15+ years now. Give us a call and explain your situation so we can provide better information on the therapy sessions.

Anodyne Therapy in Las Vegas

Health & Care Professional Network provides anodyne Therapy in Las Vegas. Our skilled staff helps patients to have less pain and manage health problems non-invasively.

You could also receive the Anodyne Therapy in your place of residence. Receiving services at home allows one-on-one interaction in an environment where the patient feels comfortable. Treatment can also be adjusted based on real-life functional needs. Give us a call at (702) 871-9917 for further information.

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Is the anodyne treatment effective?

Anodyne treatment for diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients may be useful in increasing lower extremity feeling, reducing discomfort, enhancing standard balance, and lowering fall risk.

Is insurance going to cover Anodyne Therapy?

Anodyne Therapy has been shown to relieve pain and sensation in people suffering from peripheral neuropathy. Medicare covers everything.

How do you use the Anodyne machine?

First, apply the Anodyne Therapy pads immediately over the affected region. Then, using an Anodyne attachment device, secure the treatment pads. After that, turn on the system and treat hands-free for 30 minutes daily. That’s all!


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