Care at home can be very challenging. These days, most people have to spend a lot of time outdoors. So, caring for the aged parents or loved ones who have just had surgery or survived a stroke is a very tough task. The Health & Care Professional Network, LLC in Las Vegas offers the most comprehensive home care services. Our goal is to provide services that can increase the quality of life and independence of you or your loved ones.

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About us

Health & Care Professional Network, LLC, accredited by the Joint Commission, with over 15 years of experience, strives to provide high-quality services in the familiar environment of your home.  You or your loved ones can benefit from a full range of home care services, therapies, and treatments in accordance with valid guidelines. Our care plan is consistent with the treatment goals and needs of your loved ones.

We are Honored to be JCAHO Accredited

Why choose us?

Our center offers many benefits to our clients:

  • The patient can receive care services in the comfort of their own home. You can get our services as overnight care, short-term, or one-time care.
  • Staff members meet the State of Nevada educational and training requirements for the services they provide.
  • Our on-call coordinators are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
  • Our clients can receive care services under the coverage of Medicare.
  • Our team members are immunized against diseases such as influenza, hepatitis, and communicable illnesses.
  • Our staff will train when they are hired and also receive ongoing training.


What we do

Health & Care Professional Network, LLC offers medical care and non-medical services that are suitable for a range of people. The purpose of providing these services is to:

  • Maintain your health and well-being
  • Improve your safety at home
  • Prevent of re-hospitalization
  • Prevent of unwanted hospital visits
  • Make changes to prevent further degeneration in health (for example, identifying symptoms that could prevent a medical condition from getting worse)

So, in a nutshell, home health professionals are the eyes and ears of doctors at your home. 

The Health & Care Professional Network, with more than 15 years of experience in providing home care services, can provide a list of services based on the needs of your patients to improve the quality of their life. 

Health and Care Professionals Network
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HomeAssist Personal Caregiver Services
HomeAssist Personal Caregiver Services
Therapros Out Patient rehab
Therapros Out Patient rehab
HCPN City Impact clinic
HCPN City Impact clinic
HCPN adult day care
HCPN adult day care

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    What are the home health care services? 

    Home Health agencies help you with the following:

    • Drug management
    • Pain management
    • Coordinate care with family and doctor
    • Fall prevention
    • Help with daily activities such as bathing, light housekeeping, simply companionship.
    • Patient education and provide nutritional counseling and strategies to reduce stress.
    • Services like physical, speech, or occupational therapy
    • Finding financial and social resources available in your community
    • Light housekeeping such as washing dirty dishes, cleaning bathroom and more 

    Who needs home care services?

    The fact is that home health services are not limited to people who can not get out of bed. You can benefit from these services in many situations, for example: 

    • You can not leave home without assistive devices such as wheelchairs or walkers
    • Changes that make you unable to carry out your daily activities 
    • Under doctor’s advice to stay home because leaving home could cause your health to worsen
    • You suffer from age-related cognitive changes such as dementia and Alzheimer’s
    • You have chronic diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pneumonia, and diabetes
    • You have to stay home for a while because of the surgery you have recently had. 

    The benefits of receiving Health Care Services are:

    • Providing peace of mind for the patient and their families
    • Reduction in the likelihood of hospitalization due to providing high- hospital-level care in an at-home setting
    • Getting personalized and affordable home health care in the comfort of home 
    • Creating a safer, more comfortable, and more accessible environment at home
    • Reinforcement of health, healing, and overall happiness
    Home Health Agency Near Me in las vegas

    Home care for elderly

    There are many tips to take into consideration when caring for the elderly at home. There is also an increase in the amount of home support given to your senior. Most of them have mobility problems and suffer from diseases such as high blood pressure. They also prefer home care more than nursing homes. Because the home environment is more familiar to them. Apart from this, the house is full of pleasant memories and pictures of family members. They feel safer and more independent in their home. Living at home allows your senior the freedom to do what they want without having to ask for anyone’s permission. Physical and mental improvement is another achievement of home care for the elderly. 

    Home health agency near me

    The Health & Care Professional Network is equipped with skilled nurses, trained caregivers, and therapists to meet your range of medical and non-medical needs, including:

    If you are still unsure whether you or your loved one is qualified for home health services, call us to speak with our advisors 24 hours a day. We are ready to answer your questions related to home health and rehabilitation.

    What is the home care cost per hour?

    The home care cost per hour for your loved ones is up to the conditions and the level of required assistance. The number of hours the caregivers stay with the elderly and the type and range of services they provide is determining factors. The frequency of the visits during the week is the next one. Do your loved ones live independently and need assistance with a few daily chores, or do they require full-time support? Answer this question before you seek the home care price per hour. 

    However, the cost shouldn’t be a concern, and they won’t be high for your family members. Also, the costs are remarkably less than other types of care. They are also prone to change in every state. 


    Senior care in Las Vegas area 

    Health and Care professional Network provides the best in-home senior care in Las Vegas you need taking care of your loved ones. The type and range of services are up to your conditions, but we take good care of your family members. 

    The type of assistance varies from daily activities such as visiting the bathroom, medication reminders, cleaning the house, and companion. They are up to the elderly’s conditions. 


    Home care for Summerlin residents 

    Health and Care Professional Network also provides in-home care services to Summerlin residents in Las Vegas. They can receive a wide and different range of in-home care services for their loved ones, the disabled, or anyone who needs help with daily life. 


    Hospice care at home cost

    In-home hospice care concentrates on the quality of life for patients and provides compassionate care. We assist them in living as comfortably as possible. The clients would better contact us and explain the details of their patients so we can provide a plan for the caring cost. 


    Dementia care cost

    Because dementia affects various people differently, we personalize your loved one’s care to their specific requirements. Every care home employee undergoes practical dementia training to better grasp the experience of having to live with dementia. Our dementia experts guarantee that teams meet the highest standards.

    We collaborate with academic partners to guarantee that everything we do is based on the most recent research. We hire some of the most recognized dementia specialists in Las Vegas to boost productivity in everything from the cuisine and dining experience to developing innovative methods to give residents full control over their daily lives and environments. The clients would better contact us and explain the details of their patients so we can provide a plan for the care cost. 


    Respite care cost

    Caring for an elderly relative at home may be physically and emotionally taxing. Making time for oneself is essential for recharging. Our short-term respite care allows you to take a vacation or some time off. We also offer convalescent care, which helps your loved ones get back on their feet after a hospital stay and before they go home. Clients should contact us and explain their patients details so we can give a plan for the cost of care.


    Physical, occupational, and/or speech therapy at home cost

    Following an illness or accident, some people may need assistance relearning how to do everyday tasks or improve their voices. In order to regain or strengthen muscle and joint use, a physical therapist can devise a treatment plan. Rehabilitation of everyday skills such as eating, bathing, dressing, and other activities can be assisted by an occupational therapist for patients with physical, developmental, social, or emotional problems. Communication difficulties can be addressed by a speech therapist. Clients should contact us and describe their patients characteristics so we can give a plan for the cost of care.


    End of life care at home Las Vegas

    Your loved ones could benefit from in-home care services if, unfortunately, they are getting close to the end of life to live better and be as comfortable as possible. The care service could also help them if they suffer from a chronic illness. 

    The seniors could live the end of their life days as they want, and the family might not be able to provide that help. End of life care could be necessary if your loved ones:

    • Prefer spending their last days in their own palace of residence.
    • Have chosen to stop receiving treatments 
    • The illness is developing rapidly. 
    • No viable treatment options are available. 


    The goal is to make the lasting days as comfortable as possible. To achieve it, we provide as much help and assistance as required. Health and Care Professional Network is ready with the end of life care at home Las Vegas you need.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Home Health

    What services does home health care provide?

    The range of Home Health services is unlimited. Skilled nursing, speech therapy, and physical therapy are just some of the benefits you can expect from a home health center.

    What home health care services are covered by Medicare?

    Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) cover eligible home health services such as Physical therapy & Medical social services.

    What is the difference between home health care and home care?

    Home care offers non-clinical aides for seniors, while home health is medical help provided by a licensed professional. In addition, home health is covered by insurance, while home care isn’t.

    How to know If you need home health care?

    These signs indicate that you need Home Health care:

    • Poor personal hygiene
    • Problems driving
    • Confusion
    • Difficulty managing medications
    • ….


    1. Malinda says:

      Is your speech therapy service only for children?

      • support says:

        Not at all. For instance, adults who have passed a stroke and have difficulty speaking can come to us to get treated.

    2. Charlie says:

      I was going to search home health agency near me but my colleague right to me recommended Health and Care to me. I’m glad he did it and saved me all the hassle of finding one.

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