The benefits of speech therapy at home you didin’t know

Your family member or a relative has survived a stroke or injury. Everybody is happy to have him/her back. However, there is a tiny, tiny problem; not being able to speak well. What is going on? It’s a common problem after such incidents and you have nothing to worry about. The patient can get better through speech therapy at home. The kids can suffer from such speech problems and speech therapy can help them as well.

In this blog, we signify speech therapy and the types, covering all the details about its benefits, schemes, and speech disorders.


What is speech therapy?

Speech therapy is defined as efforts to enhance communication skills and do away with speech difficulties. It uses professional techniques that SLPs (speech-language therapists) can perform.

In general terms, injuries, illnesses, or birth problems may affect face muscles or nervous systems. They provoke communication problems. These disorders are primarily curable with the help of professional caregivers. However, speech therapy for children appears to be the most successful one.


Types of speech disorders

Some speech disorders begin from childhood and grow as the person gets older. These types will require further treatment and long-term therapy. In comparison, accidents or injuries may cause speech disorders as well. The types of speech disorders are as follows:


Articulation disorder

Articulation disorder will emerge in the sound of words. The person will drop, swap, or add sounds. An example could be “mith” instead of miss.


Fluency disorder

Fluency disorder consists of cluttering and stuttering. Cluttering makes one repeat the word or have difficulties getting out a sound. In case of stuttering, the person talks too fast and merges the terms.


Sonority disorder

A sonority disorder is caused by an obstruction of airflow in nasal cavities or a half-closed velopharyngeal.


Receptive disorder

In the case of receptive disorder, the person may not fully follow what others say and has limited words and sentences.


Cognitive disorders

A stroke or brain injury may cause cognitive disorders. It affects the neurological system. The person is unable to communicate, listen or talk in a usual way. They may experience memory loss and problem-solving issues too.


Expressive disorders

It makes the person unable to complete a sentence or may cause them to use incorrect tense. It can result from head trauma or brain damages.



Stroke is the most common reason for aphasia. In this case, the person can barely talk or understand other people. Neither can they read or write.



This condition happens when you can not control the muscles. It occurs when nervous system disorders and facial paralysis appear.


Who needs speech therapy?

Children who have communication difficulties need speech therapy., but adults who have the medical conditions mentioned above may suffer from speech problems. These are some samples:

  • The child can pronounce the words perfectly but is unable to combine more than two words.
  • The child who can express themselves, but be hard to understand

Or in case of adults who have experienced:

  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Difficulties remembering things
  • Strokes
  • Dementia
  • Swallowing difficulties
  • Cognitive communication outbreak

The victims of these catastrophes may find it challenging to communicate as they used to have before.


Signs of speech and language disorders

A baby who does not respond to sounds should be checked up right away. However, it’s often hard for parents to figure if the child is having speech delays or suffers from speech disorders. These are some examples that you should consider visiting a doctor when your child is:

  • 12 months and doesn’t use gestures such as waving
  • 18 months and still uses gestures to communicate or has difficulties making sounds
  • Doesn’t understand simple verbal requests
  • Is two years old and only makes sounds instead of words
  • Says some words and can not communicate
  • Is two years old and can not follow simple directions
  • Is two years old and has an unusual tone (nasal voice)


Speech impairment signs

Some adults may experience some exotic signs while speaking. The speech impairment signs include:

  • Weakened facial muscles
  • Expressive language deficits
  • Trouble remembering words
  • Sudden contraction of your vocal muscles
  • Drooling


Speech therapy schemes

First thing first, you should visit an SLP doctor as the signs of speech disorders emerge. A speech therapist is the most trusted person to diagnose the type of disorder to choose the excellent treatment.

Speech therapy has multiple schemes. However, the type of treatment is different depending on your age. If your child suffers from speech disorders, you should visit a speech and language pathologist immediately. We have mentioned the specialized schemes below:


Speech therapy for children

The type of therapy depends on your child’s age and condition. The SLP may prescribe treatment in the group or one by one. Types of treatment include:

  • Communication through games, books, and pictures to develop hearing skills
  • Repeat and model the proper pronunciation of syllables of the words
  • Providing homework for children to continue training at home with their parents or caregivers


Speech therapy for adults

Speech therapy for adults includes communication skills. It will enhance the power of swallowing as it helps the muscles strengthen. These therapies include:

  • Memory organization and problem solving
  • Providing conversational tactics
  • Language development flashcards and games
  • Language intervention


How long do you need speech therapy?

The therapy duration depends on:

  • Type of disorder
  • Your age
  • Medical condition
  • Therapy frequency
  • Underlying problems


What elements cause speech impairments or disorders?

Speech difficulties could have multiple sources. When it occurs during childhood, it’s called “speech disorder.” When injuries or diseases in adults cause it, it’s called “speech impairment.”


Speech disorder effective factors

Some factors provoke or increase speech disorders. For instance:

  • Tongue or palatal problems
  • A short frenulum(beneath part of the tongue) that limits the tongue movement
  • Oral motor problems caused by brain disorders
  • Having difficulties coordinating the teeth, jaw, and tongue
  • Having trouble with feeding, chewing, or swallowing


Speech impairment effective factors

Some medical conditions may cause speech impairments, such as:

  • Dementia
  • Oral Cancer
  • Laryngeal Cancer
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Right Hemisphere Brain Injury


Does speech therapy require special supervision?

Yes indeed. An SLP doctor should check the patient or child’s condition to diagnose and start special therapies. The pathologist considers:

  • What you or your child understand
  • What you or your child say
  • Clarity of speech
  • Oral motor status

Having checked all of these abilities, the doctor will prescribe flashcards or even interaction with others. Here, the help of a home health aide will serve a lot. They can make sure your child keeps practicing and improving communication skills. They are fully trained to take good speaking habits in front of your child to develop hearing skills.


What are the benefits of speech therapy at home?

There are multiple speech facilities and departments that you can attend to. However, speech therapy at home has some benefits of its own:

  • Eliminates transportation and traffic jam concerns
  • Rural residents can use the help of caregivers
  • Saving time and money
  • Receive full concentration
  • Patient’s comfort


Speech therapy at home near me in Las Vegas

Speech impairments/disorders might happen to any human. The speech therapy serves for those who intend to regain their speaking abilities or aspire their child to speak accurately.

Home health services include speech therapy as well. You can put your trust in the skilled nurses.

Speech therapy in Las Vegas is also available in your place of residence. You could receive in-home services for the elderly, the disabled, or children. Two birds, several stones. If you are looking for in-home speech therapy in Las Vegas, Health & Care Professional Network is at your service.

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