LifeFone has been operating since 1976. They are an American organization that provides emergency support to elders. Several well-known organizations have acknowledged the firm’s effectiveness, including the National Council on Aging, WebMD, and the National Institute of Senior Citizens. In addition, LifeFone was named one of the five “medical alerting devices that come closest to the dream” by Harvard Health Publications. Their website contains lots of data about their services and products, giving clients confidence in their purchase decisions.

Users of this application may make use of three separate contact buttons:

  • A concern button that links callers with an escort service when they are alone and feel uncomfortable.
  • A panic button for emergency situations.
  • A medical button for users with health concerns that require immediate attention.

This essay will tell you about lifefone devices, their features, and their benefits.

What are the Features of Lifefone?

LifeFone makes a priority on the quality and features it provides. Customers can select from three on-the-go items and two at-home products. These include the following features:

  • In-home equipment ranges up to 1,300 feet.
  • Backup battery for the base unit that lasts 32 hours
  • Water resistance for both pendant and wristband
  • A provided lifetime warranty
  • Notifications of emergency contacts are unlimited.
  • Customers can use their assistance button to answer the phone.

LifeFone has several extra optional features and goods that may be purchased throughout the checkout process. Aside from the fall protection feature, you’ll have the option of purchasing additional coverage for equipment loss, theft, or damage. You can also include features such as medication reminders, daily wellness checks, and location-based services.

You can purchase additional items to complete the system you order. For example, extra help buttons, a wall-mounted assistance button, lockboxes, a mobile carrying bag, and a mobile device charging dock may all be purchased.

Here is a list of additional items and their cost:

  • LifeFone Protection Plan: $5 per month and covers the cost of replacing equipment when it is lost, stolen
  • Daily Check-in: $19 a month
  • Medication Reminders: $6 per month
  • Location Services: $9 per month
  • Caregiver App: $8 per month
  • Additional Pendants: $39.95 each.
  • Wall-mounted Help Button: $39.95
  • LifeFone Hanging Lock Box: $29.95
  • Wall Mount Master Lock Box: $39.95
  • Hanging Master Lock Box: $39.95.
  • Leather Carrying Case for Mobile: $14.95
  • Mobile Device Charging Cradle: $39.95


What are LifeFone Plans?

LifeFone offers five different plans with prices ranging from $29.95 to $45.95. However, your monthly expenses may rise if you select extra services such as fall detection and medication alerts. If you want to pay quarterly or yearly, you will receive a discount. You can also get one month free if you pay quarterly or yearly. You may also receive a free month for each recommendation you make.


At-Home Landline

This low-cost plan is well-matched with a landline and only costs $29.95 per month. It includes a base unit and your option of a wristband or necklace. With this plan, you may also get a vanity pendant for $71.95!


At-Home Cellular

This plan costs $34.95 per month and is available on AT&T’s cellular network. It includes a base unit and your choice of wristband or necklace, much like the landline plan. This layout also consists of the vanity pendant.


At-Home & On-the-Go

This service, which combines the At-Home Cellular system plus an On-The-Go mobile device, costs $39.95 per month. It consists of a base unit, a wristband or necklace, and an on-the-go gadget that may be used anywhere in the U.S. where AT&T is available.


At-Home & On-the-Go, Voice in Pendant

This $43.95 plan includes a pendant that may be used as a necklace or as a belt clip. It operates across the country and has a battery life of up to 30 days. In addition, the pendant has a charging station.


At-Home & On-the-Go VIPx

LifeFone’s newest package is $45.95 per month. Its mobile gadget is wearable, like a necklace or a belt clip. It can monitor your whereabouts using cellular, Wi-Fi, and GPS technologies, in addition to linking you to the call center at a click. The product is the only one currently compatible with LifeFone’s caregiver app, which allows caring professionals to see where you are and manually ring the device when you do not respond.


LifeFone Annual, quarterly, or monthly plans

LifeFone claims that you may get 24/7 security for less than $1 each day. Their costs are based on yearly billing, but they also offer quarterly and monthly options that are significantly more expensive. All yearly and quarterly plan orders include free shipping. At the checkout, you may select your billing choices.


Do Spouses Get Free LifeFone Coverage?

At the time you use LifeFone’s services, you will not be charged any installation or activation costs. You can cancel and stop at any time, and they will reimburse you the unused portion of your payment. If you recommend friends or relatives to LifeFone, you’ll receive a free month of coverage for each new customer. Furthermore, if you have a second person living in your house who wishes to be protected, there is no additional charge for them to use LifeFone’s services.


Are LifeFone Services Free?

Sign up for their email list or contact LifeFone to get your first month of service free, free shipment, a free lockbox, free activation and equipment, and a price lock guarantee. This is a fantastic price, but we also know that many businesses include these benefits as standard with regular orders.


What are the Benefits of LifeFone?

  • Falls detection is available with all plans for an optional cost of $5 per month compared to $10 for Mobile Guardian.
  • All plans include free delivery.
  • Users may save money by paying quarterly and much more if they pay yearly.
  • By purchasing a second wearable assistance button for $39.99, spouses may share At-Home plans.
  • Every new user receives a 30-day free trial.
  • Callers’ pre-written Emergency Care Instructions, which might include medical history and recommended emergency contacts, are used by monitoring center operators.
  • A lifetime price lock guarantees that subscribers’ monthly charges will never increase.
  • Medication reminders, customizable daily check-in calls, and activity assurance for landline users, which phones users if they do not turn off a pre-programmed alarm within 15 minutes, are optional supplementary services.


Let’s Sum Up

LifeFone’s “A+” Better Business Bureau rating is comforting, but we are delighted with the hundreds of positive customer evaluations. People like the affordability, ease of setup, dependable technology, consumer-friendly policies, outstanding customer care representatives, and quick response times. LifeFone indeed covers all of the significant elements of a medical alert system, making it one of your finest selections.

LifeFone can inform you of crises if you have a family member who is alone at home. The Health and Care Professional Network can keep an eye on your elders and give quick assistance if needed. We can either deploy an emergency response team or visit the relative ourselves.

We have provided in-home care services to Las Vegas residents for more than15 years. LifeFone is one of them.

Call us at (702) 871-9917 to learn more about our services and how we will protect your elders from crises.

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