Military spouses recruitment program for Homecare

The Military Spouse Employment Partnership (MSEP) provides employment opportunities for family members through a corporate partnership effort. MSEP, which is run by the Department of Defense (DoD) in collaboration with the Employment Assistance Program (EAP), assists all Air Force Spouses, such as surviving Spouses, DoD Civilians, and Family members, in gaining the competitive edge needed for employment by connecting them with corporate and federal partners who are looking to hire military personnel.

This article will tell you about MSEP programs for recruiting military spouses for homecare.

What are MSEP programs for recruiting military spouses for homecare?

The MSEP program is innovative and effective. It provides a connection between military spouses and hundreds of partner employers from various industries committed to recruiting, hiring, promoting, and retaining military spouses.

MSEP employers have helped military spouses be recruited since the program’s launch in 2011. This is a significant achievement given that the unemployment rate for military spouses is 24 percent, which is four times higher than the current national unemployment rate of 4.8 percent. The Department of Defense also anticipates that military spouses face a 25% wage disparity in comparison to civilians.

MSEP is a component of the White House’s Joining Forces initiative. This part of the White House aims to increase economic opportunities and mobility for military families. They try to achieve their goal by assisting in the development of career and educational opportunities for spouses of active-duty members, veterans, and survivors. The valuable access to employment connections that Military families receive can help them find and maintain a rewarding career. In addition, they also receive career exploration prospects, education and training to help them reach career goals, and employment preparation assistance.

Many military spouses are not able to find and keep their jobs due to frequent moves and the need for flexible hours. As a result, in-home care service providers can begin their partnership with MSEP and DOD to begin hiring spouses of veterans and military personnel nationwide.

Many military spouses are currently working as home care providers and caregivers, and their mission-driven attitude and desire to make a difference are visible. In addition, we know from experience that hiring military spouses has many benefits. For example:

  • They are educated. The Department of Defense reports that military spouses have a higher level of education than most working Americans.
  • They are adaptable. Armed forces spouses are more flexible and creative problem-solvers because they understand change and unpredictability better than anyone else.
  • They have a wide range of experiences. Families with military spouses come from various backgrounds and offer their companies a wide range of skills, perspectives, and experiences.


The MSEP’s noble act of offering rewarding and fulfilling job opportunities to military spouses and supporting their employment continuity during periods of relocation has inspired many home care companies to join the movement.


How does the recruitment process work?

Vacant job positions across the country will be listed in the DOD’s MSEP career portal. This list of jobs is only available to military families. Moreover, the MSEP will conduct training sessions with the goal of bringing jobs to military families, including those in the traditional military market.

Through this newly opened employment channel, MSEP is well-positioned to engage with military spouses in a meaningful way.


What are the benefits of recruiting military spouses for homecare?

EAP (Employment Assistance Program) services are available to service members, spouses, members of the active-duty military, members of the Reserve, members of the National Guard, retired military members, DoD civil personnel, and members of military families. Services include:

  • Detailed information on current employment opportunities in the local, national, and international markets, as well as education and volunteering resources.
  • Seminars and classes offered on self-assessment and job search, resume and interview writing, dressing for success, networking, and entrepreneurship.
  • Resume evaluations.
  • Individual career assessments and career coaching.
  • Job fairs and other recruitment events.
  • Information on Teen/Youth Employment.
  • Internet-connected computers, resume writing software, and typing tutorials.
  • Access to the Virtual Career Library.


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