6 Tips to have peace of mind when hiring an in-home caregiver

Taking care of family members, especially an elder or a relative with severe illness or injury, is not an easy task to do. Family members who are responsible for many different tasks at the same time, such as raising a family or working at a job, may find it hard to manage all of their tasks together and end up hiring an in-home caregiver. Although hiring a caregiver can remove some of the pressure of being responsible for the elderly, the person may also feel anxious about trusting their family members’ health in the hands of a stranger. This anxiety is higher, especially for the first time you hire a caregiver.

There are some methods that you can take control of the situation. However, keep in mind that these methods must not be used as excuses to intrude on the caregiver’s personal life and reputation.

In this article, we will look at six tips to have peace of mind when you hire an in-home caregiver. Some of these tips are to keep your elder’s house peaceful, and some are to monitor the caregiver’s performance.

Do a background check

It is important to investigate the history and working experience of an in-home caregiver you want to hire.

Reputable and regulated home care providers will do this background check for you as one of their automatic hiring requirements. Obviously, professional caregiver provider agencies try to build the trust of their customers, so they look to hire peace-at-home caregivers. A background check will show that the caregiver has no legal issues, prior employment problems, or wasn’t related to any criminal activities. If you are looking for reliable caregivers who have the passion and training to take professional care of your loved ones, The Health & Care Professional Network will help you find the proper services you need. You can call (702) 871-9917. We have provided in-home caregivers for more than 15 years in Las Vegas.


Use video cameras for monitoring

Monitoring with video cameras must not be for abusive reasons. They are often used to discourage abuse. The point is to prevent disastrous events from happening. If you want to install and use cameras for monitoring, tell the caregiver when they’re hired. When honest caregivers are aware that they are being recorded, they won’t mind being recorded. Additionally, they will be protected against false accusations. Some caregivers can become justifiably angry if they find out later that you’ve recorded their actions in secret.


Be alert for signs of trouble

Caregivers who aren’t good at their jobs will probably show some warning signs. If you notice any red flags and you are uncertain, trust your instinct. Pay attention to the signs and keep track of repeat occurrences. Be careful and do not jump to conclusions and differentiate red flags and accidents.

Here are some examples of red flags:

  • The caregiver ignores their assignments.
  • Caregivers do things in their way (when and how they want).
  • The caregiver is out of reach when they are with your elder.
  • Caregivers are not focused on their responsibilities. Instead, they pay attention to their phone, TV, or computer.
  • The elder’s personal hygiene is not being handled.
  • You notice that your older adult is showing signs of physical or mental trauma. For example, they have bruises, sudden changes in behavior (fear, agitation), etc.
  • The caregiver does not care about the safety of the house.
  • Having negative reviews seems regular for the caregiver. You can check these reviews on reputable websites.


Provide medical equipment and home care supplies

You need to ensure that your loved one has everything they need at home, including supplies and equipment needed. One benefit of getting older is that all the various medical and mechanical assistance types are mostly available. Here are some of the mentioned types of equipment you need to provide for your loved ones.

  • Portable toilets
  • Electric-powered walkers
  • Fall mats, which support the sides of a bed or other areas where positions are shifted
  • Handrails along the walls for balance

Caregiver tools assist the hired person in providing quality care for your loved one.


Install a digital monitoring system

A digital monitoring system can be useful in several ways. First, it informs you and the caregiver you hired about the location and actions of your loved one. The monitoring system reassures everyone, even the elders because a security system keeps your loved one safe tirelessly. These tools of mind relief also help the caregiver take better care of the elder by letting them keep an eye on the older person. You can rest assured that your family member’s movements are being monitored in case of a fall or other injury. In addition, monitors can be helpful in alerting the caregiver about toileting needs and meals.


Offer information to assist the caregiver

When it comes to taking care of the elderly, some caregivers have less education and experience. For that reason, caregivers should be provided with all kinds of tools, from the equipment and supplies that their loved one will need to communication tools and strategies.

Besides providing mind-easing tools, family members must share the important information with the caregiver. This information can be about the elder’s diet, their routine, medication, preferences. When the family member is not available, this information can be life-saving for the caregivers. Family members can even ask a trusting neighbor or family friend who lives nearby to help a hired caregiver by answering questions or providing needed information.


In-home caregivers near me in Las Vegas

As we mentioned, there are different ways you can use to get peace of mind when you hire a caregiver for your family member or elder. Some of those ways help you keep an ek\ye on the caregiver, in case you are suspicious. Other ways help you make a safe and stress-free environment for your loved ones. Here at Health & Care Professional Network, we provide a different range of medical or non-medical services. Our skilled caregivers are prepared to help seniors live at home peacefully.

For more information, you can call (702) 871-9917 to get information about other Home Health Services.

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