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Our Mission

Health & Care Professional Network, LLC, mission is to offer a comprehensive home health care program of highest quality to our clients in their place of residence. We are committed to deliver the best home health care services that will assist our clients to recovery from illness or disability.

It is our goal to keep our clients safe in their place of residence while keeping them from re-hospitalization. Educating and guiding our clients and their caregivers on how to take charge and control their chronic illnesses, thus in turn will delay the onsets of cardiac problems, strokes, and other chronic diseases complications.


Physical Therapy

Experienced therapists help people who have Cognitive-communication, language, and speech problems.

Home Caregiver

Maintain health, improve safety, prevent re-hospitalization, unwanted hospital visits, and medical condition from getting worse.

Skilled Nurses

The well-trained skilled nurses provide the best in-home care services to the elderly or disabled.

Durable Medical Equipment

They strengthen the patient’s quality of life meets the needs of people in long-term use.

Speech Therapy

Treatment for problems with speaking, laughing, and swallowing under the experienced experts

Mobile Imaging Services

X-Ray, EKG, Ultrasound, Echocardiogram, and other imaging services in the form of a portable device.

Occupational Therapy

Evaluation, monitoring, treatment plan, pain relief, and helping patients to complete their daily activities

Extended Services

Further health services; Low Vision Therapy, Aquatic Therapy, PT/INR Monitoring System, LifeFone®, and Cardiocom®.

What is Home Health Care?

Effective Adaptation

Effective Adaptation

Adapting to new mobility challenges, and home safety and falling hazards

Rehabilitation Practice

Rehabilitation Practice

Rehab after joint replacement or other surgeries

Supportive Care

Supportive Care

Caregiver support and strategies for living with cognitive decline

Rehabilitation Practice

Disease Management

Managing chronic conditions like diabetes, CHF, or COPD

Effective Adaptation

Home Services

Transitioning from a hospital or nursing facility, to remain stable and remain at home

Looking For A Personal Caregiver?

We are here to address your home care concerns, so let us provide you with the perfect caregiver today!

Patient Support

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    • David.c
      I am beyond impressed with this facility! My mother has Alzheimer's disease. It was very important for us that she received proper care. They not only have trained and specialized staff in this field but also provide suitable facilities. If you have a problem similar to mine, I highly recommend this center.
    • Marry.kl
      They help with my wife, and it gives me a chance to go out and work part time. Thank you.
    • Luka Modrić
      I have never seen anything like my caregive. She took me to the doctor and wash my clothes and prepare the meals. She was so helpful and supportive. I can say with confidence that I am very satisfied with the services I have received.
      Luka Modrić
    •  Silva Rocha
      We have had extremely good services from them. We really consider Health & Care Professional Network a blessing to our family.
      Silva Rocha

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    What is low vision therapy?

    Low vision usually interferes with patients’ daily activities. Low vision even causes people to feel isolated because they can not easily participate in recreational and community activities.

    What is EKG?

    An electrocardiogram,(EKG or ECG), records electrical signals from the heart to show how the heart works. This non-invasive test simply helps your doctor diagnose various problems…

    EKG’S in las vegas
    Ultrasounds in las vegas

    How is an ultrasound done?

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    How does mobile imaging work?

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